The Girl That's Never Been is like rum and chocolate chip cookies. My love for it will never die. My roommate's hate for it will also never die, since I sing it all the time as I'm wandering about.
- Erin McLaughlin

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The Moon is Mine
by Michelle Dockrey

Silent and silver she guides the night's footsteps
Sun's passion tempered to warmth in her eyes
Even Winter remembers there's fire in her shine
I am Summer, the Moon is mine

Vessels adrift can be tossed by the storm clouds
But she and her family will always be wise
And in ebb or in flower, her power is like wine
I am Water, the Moon is mine

Children of magic know nothing but wonder
Innocence lingers and joy never dies
Raise your face to the skies, and kind eyes will meet thine
I am Mother, the Moon is mine